meet our founder

Driven by a lifelong passion for twentieth-century design, Matt Singer's raison d'être is curating OAM's constantly evolving furniture collection. His deep knowledge of Scandinavian and American design is grounded in practicality; he believes beautiful furniture must be lived in and used to be fully appreciated.

You can find Matt at OAM extolling the virtues of a sculptural Niels Otto Møller chair or admiring the typography of a vintage Herman Miller catalog. He can advise on furniture restoration, help you choose era-appropriate fabric for an upholstery job, and recommend a mean cup of coffee (try our neighbor, Gimme Coffee). His eye for harmonious, functional design extends from the furniture he sources to the vintage folding bicycle he rides around town. Some of Matt's favorite designers are Hans Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, Gio Ponti, and Finn Juhl. Come by and ask him why.


In just a few years, OAM has become a destination for collectors, architects, interior decorators, and mid-century design fans—but in a previous life, our building was an Autoglow garage. We polished the original cement floors and insulated the ceiling with recycled wool. The driveway is now a garden, with raised beds of vegetables, blueberry bushes, and flowers. Just as our building has evolved, so has our thriving Williamsburg neighborhood; you'll find many cafés, restaurants, and boutiques to explore.




Baron is a multifaceted talent: a sculptor who works in cement and metal, a musician and percussionist, and an expert restorer with an uncanny understanding of wood.

When Baron first started restoring furniture, he taught himself as he went: how to make repairs, how to French polish and gold leaf, how to match color, tone, and grain. Baron learned the basics from his mother, who built houses in the Dominican Republic. She was an extremely capable person; she not only designed and built homes but could fix any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing problem she encountered, usually with an elegant solution of her own invention.

You can find him at OAM usually reviving and restoring our latest finds. Contact him directly if you have a project he can help with.


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