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System Cado by Poul Cadovius

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Monumental, modular wall unit from the 1960s by Poul Cadovius for Cado. Our version is impressive in size as it is in craftsmanship; the exquisite rosewood selection is evident throughout the shelves and detachable cabinet units. Wooden pegs are constructed to fit into angled holes lining each panel, locking individual elements securely in place. Comes with a spectacular fold-out bar and rare drop-leaf table. The table fully extended measures 67.5 inches—the drop leaf itself measures 20.5 inches. The table is 28 inches high. Like all the elements of the unit, you can remove the whole table from the wall, or just the end-leaf that hangs off. The legs of the table come off easily too. There is some slight sun-fading, but images are true to color uniformity. Three-panel system can be installed side-by-side or separately, making a versatile room divider. Panels measure 31.5" across. Innumerable shelving and storage possibilities—configure to fit your needs. Marked, made in Denmark.
67" deep x 95" wide x 100" tall


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open_air_modern_cadovious_cado_royal_system_mid_century_wall_unit_storage-1 copy.jpg
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